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Local Service Ads for Realtors

What are Google Local Services Ads (LSAs), and can a real estate agent or realtor participate in this program that generates leads? A growing number of real estate agents across the country are asking this question as the popularity of one of Google’s most recent advertising platforms continues to rise.

Google Local Service Ads are the ads that appear at the very top of Google Local Search results, even above the paid ads. Only qualified home and professional service providers who have completed Google’s vetting process and earned Google’s confidence, as evidenced by the Google Guarantee badge, are permitted to launch these advertisements. 

They were created to bridge the gap between businesses and potential customers looking for the services they provided online.

What Are Google Local Services Ads in the Real Estate Industry?

If you have ever searched for a local business, you have probably noticed advertisements for Google Local Service Ads at the top of the search results page. These advertisements display on top of pay-per-click (PPC) ads and search engine optimization (SEO) listings in the search results, grouped in a group of three.

Local Service Ads Layout

If you take a look at each listing, you’ll see that each Local Service Ad includes the following information:

  • The company’s official moniker
  • The real estate agent’s star rating on Google 
  • The number of years the real estate business has been active and the areas they serve
  • The real estate business or real estate agent’s phone number
  • Whether or not they are available during the search

Your local target market gains access to Local Service Ads after performing Google searches for the type of real estate services you and your real estate agency provide. Viewers will gain essential information about your company from this basic profile on your Google Local Services Ads. Your audience can click on your advertisement to discover additional details if they like what they see in the initial listing that you provide for them.

Users can get an idea of your company by viewing your Local Services Ad page. They can view the services you provide, the places you serve, and the information regarding your licensing. At the end of that page, users will also see your Google reviews.

Google Search Engine Results

Thanks to Local Services Ads and your listing about your company, people have access to pertinent and necessary information when searching for the services provided by your business. The purpose of your listing is to present business information that persuades your audience to contact your real estate company by phone or through an online message to obtain additional details.

On the other hand, users interested in viewing additional real estate agents can click the “more real estate agents” option, which will take them to a website that lists your competition.

If customers go to this page, they will have the option to filter other real estate businesses depending on the type of service they require and their zip code. For instance, your audience can filter the results by local market, so they only see buyers’ or sellers’ agents in their area. Your audience will have an easier time finding the appropriate real estate professional.

What Are the Benefits of Google Local Services Ads?

What Are the Benefits of Google Local Services Ads?

The Local Services Ads for real estate differ slightly from Google Ads because you are catering to your local market. If you own a real estate agency or offer real estate services, here are some reasons why you should create a Local Services Ads account and run Local Services Ads campaign:

Ad-Placement: You’re at the Top!

Google’s Local Services Ads are positioned at the very top of the search results page on Google, above paid Google Ads for real estate agencies. It is the prime placement for potential customers to find you and learn more about what you have to offer. 

In addition to this, there is no need to plan out your keywords. You need to identify your industry (for example, “real estate agents”), and Google will take care of all the targeting for you.

Google Screened Means More Trust

Google is known for its high standards regarding the quality of its search results. When you receive a Google Guaranteed badge, customers trust that you have been verified to Google’s highest standards. Being Google screened adds more credibility to your business.

Google’s Local Services Ads Gives You More Control

You can control the kinds of leads sent to you using Google’s Service Types feature. For instance, if you are not interested in first-time homebuyers or renters, it is simple to state that preference.

Google Charges Cost-Per-Lead

Cost-Per-Lead means that you will only receive a bill for qualified leads. Many services will eat up your budget, and after the billing period, you will be stuck with whatever results you got (in terms of the number of leads generated). 

However, Google Local Services Ads will only charge you for legitimate leads. You also decide the budget for yourself according to your willingness to pay. 

Therefore, an unlikely scenario would be setting a budget of $2,000 per month and receiving only one lead. In fact, Google Local Services Ads has an estimate of leads you should be getting weekly, depending on your budget.

Receive More Seller Leads

Lastly, consumers who search for agents online are (generally) characteristic of seller intent. This type of consumer is known as a seller lead. 

If you want to produce more seller leads, Google Local Services Ads can be an excellent fit for what you are trying to do.

How can Real Estate Agents Increase the Number of Leads They Receive from Google Local Services Ads?

How can Real Estate Agents Increase the Number of Leads They Receive from Google Local Services Ads?

Google Local Services Ads are an excellent way for real estate agents to get leads. However, to make the most of this advertising platform, agents need to ensure they’re doing everything possible to increase the number of leads they receive. Make sure to perform the following:

Complete Your Business and Services Profile

Complete your Google Local Services Ads profile to the best of your ability! Declare the services you provide (such as “new construction,” “first-time homebuyers,” and so on), set your hours and availability, insert your company’s bio, and identify the areas and zip codes in which you provide services. 

Remember that Google tracks how often a viewer responds to your advertisement by calling or messaging you. This is the conversion rate. The more information you give potential clients, the higher their likelihood will be that they will get in touch with you.

Get Good Customer Reviews

To front-load customer reviews, synchronize your Google Business Profile (GBP). Keep in mind that the number of reviews you have, as well as their average star rating, contribute to the ranking of your ad. Make sure to ask customers who discover or utilize your company thanks to Google Local Services Ads to provide feedback on Google Local Services Ads rather than on your GBP. 

This will result in the search engine marking the review as validated, which will, in turn, strengthen its ranks. However, the negative aspect is that you can’t synchronize the review with your GBP. 

Respond Well and Timely to Customers

Search engines are aware whenever potential customers or clients call or message your company. Google will lower your ad ranking if you do not answer calls or if you do not swiftly respond to messages. 

You might want to rethink your settings if you configure your profile to be viewable 24/7. Unless you assign someone the task of monitoring for new leads throughout the overnight hours.

Log-and-Notate Your Leads

Local Services Ads provide advertisers with a straightforward dashboard and platform for lead management. 

Add extensive comments to the records of your leads. Also, ensure you keep all of your leads’ statuses up to date (e.g., active, inactive, or otherwise). 

Keep in mind that by displaying your Google screened advertisement, the search engine indicates that it approves of your company. This is especially truly since your business is now Google Guaranteed. Therefore, you should reassure them that you are handling their leads appropriately.

Modify or Adjust Your Bidding

If the number of leads you receive has decreased, you should consider modifying your bid parameters. Local Services Ads utilizes the “Maximize Leads” bid strategy by default. The search engine will attempt to generate as many leads as possible within your specified daily, weekly, or monthly budget. 

To begin, you might give boosting your spending a shot. If that does not work, you could consider moving to a bid approach called Max-Cost-Per-Lead. If you choose the second option, you are giving top dollar for any leads in the market area you serve; the exact amount you are providing depends on the amount you propose per lead.


Your company will be able to connect with more local leads if you invest in Local Service Ads for Realtors. It’s an excellent method for bringing in more qualified leads from people looking to work with a real estate agent. Remember to keep your profile updated with the most critical business information. You should also maintain your profile by engaging with all valid leads that come to your profile. Returning messages or calling potential clients back are two great ways.

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